Craftsman 3300 psi

Hey guys I’m looking to pick up this pressure washer from lowes.

But before I do I wanted to get some expert opinions first. I’ll be using it just at home to clean the vehicles, siding, clean the mower deck, etc. It has a Honda motor, so I’m hoping it will be reliable. Not sure about the pump? Is it replaceable if it dies out? Any opinions on the unit as a whole?

Well, for homeowner use it’ll be OK, gpm is really low though.

Honestly I’d just try and find a used one on Facebook Marketplace instead of spending $600 on this one.

This forum is geared more toward professionals, we like a lot of water flow.:laughing:

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I agree with @dcbrock. Try and find something with more gpm. I always get asked on jobs how many psi my machine is and I always have to tell them gpm’s is where it’s at. Sure, you need some psi but 3K is plent. With a pump as small as what’s on the Craftsman it’ll take forever to clean your driveway. Look for something with a 4 gpm pump and you’ll actually enjoy washing around the house. The Craftsmans will work for you but you’ll be much happier with more gpm. If you don’t mind spending twice as much you could get a new machine that would be awesome for homeowner use.

As far as the Honda engine the GC series was made to compete with Briggs and some of the other cheaper homeowner use type engines. A Honda GX is what gave Honda its name in small engines. The GC series is made with much cheaper parts. If you could find a used washer with a GX 390 and 4 gpm pump that’s in decent shape you’ll be much happier than what you’d be with the 2.3 gpm Craftsman machine. Most of us on here use 5.5 gpm and 8 gpm machines. An 8 gpm really speeds things up when you’re pressure washing for a living. That’s overkill for you though. A 4 gpm would be perfect.

10gpm or nothing at all. The choice is yours.


Well put.

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