Coxrell quality?

Has anyone on here used these coxreel’s? How does the U-shape frame hold up? Are these good quality reel’s? I’m sure A-frame reel’s would be stronger, but if these hold up well, I could always beef it up a bit. I’d rather save a hundred buck’s now and put it towards something else. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank’s and Stay safe.

Total garbage. Couple of sideways pulls with the hose and the drum bends.

@Innocentbystander Thanks bud! I appreciate the info.

I bought one but returned it for a larger GP reel. I wasn’t impressed with the cox reel because it arrived with a pretty decent wobble, but no visible signs of damage.

I appreciate the input!

You can get a good 300’ GP A-frame reel for almost that same price on Amazon! That’s what I’m currently using and have no issues. It’s a budget reel, but it fits my needs.