Couple quick questions

What is the best way to start adding roof washing to my services?

Also, I have a 200 foot pressure hose that is on a reel, if I only need let’s say 50 ft, am I losing pressure because 150 ft are on the reel?


Negligible loss

As far as roofs? Don’t. Too much liability for too much effort and too little return. Stick to houses.

Oh really? It’s not profitable? I wasn’t expecting this reply.

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I quit roofs a decade ago because they are a time suck, much better and easier way to make money

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Not in my area. Not for me anyway. There’s a guy here named Gabe that does a lot of roofs. I just gave him one last week since my 12v died. I’ll send him all my roofs forever.

You make the same amount of money for a roof as you can a house wash except you are using 5 times the amount of bleach and it takes twice as long to prep. Not a good business move for me to do roofs.


Definitely depends on your area.

Make sure you use ppe at all times, to easy to get into a bad habit of not using it.

Where you located?

Bay area, what’s ppe?

Personal Protective Equipment

What city are you in?