Couple quick questions, any tips



How do you guys handle these “pebble-like” driveways? I quoted a driveway and a pool that are like this. Im hesitant to run a surface cleaner over it. I think a turbo nozzle will be ok if I keep my distance. What are y’alls thoughts.


It looks more like weathered/old concrete, but may be an exposed aggregate surface. Either way you can probably run a surface cleaner over it just lower the pressure. I know with exposed i always hear a few loose rocking flicking up and hitting my bar, but no major chunks are popping out. I run a little less than 1800 psi in my surface cleaners so that i can clean a lot of surfaces with out having to change tips out all the time. I do a lot of exposed driveways and have never had a problem.

If you do this job just pre-treat then lower the pressure a little and do a test spot. Go stronger on the pre treat and move the SC over the surface faster, dont sit in one spot for too long.


You might want to edge the grass line first on the driveway and sidewalk. It would look more pleasing and help with drainage. Then blow the sidewalk and driveway off with a leaf blower. It drives me nut’s when little pebbles are dinging around my SC.


no doubt. I was going to edge everything. I quoted her a decent bit (to me), but that includes a large deck and a mossy side of a house. I was going to go crazy on this one and really bring up her curb appeal. Also, I’m going to go ahead a buy “a real surface cleaner” I currently run a 4gpm/4k machine but at this rate I’ll be upgrading to a 8gpm by mid summer. Should I buy a 18 inch? I know 4 inches per gallon. or should I play it safe and get a 16 inch that will also handle 8 gpm. Thanks @Donte55 for your reply also.


I ran a 28" SC on a 4gpm 4000psi (belt driven) machine for about a year and it worked great for me. I would go with the 20" if I were you, Especially if you are going to get an 8gpm soon. Buy once, not twice!


I would recommend a whisper wash classic. I run a 4 @ 4K machine and use a classic. Works great!


@Davidtx Is that the 20inch? Can I ask how much you payed for it? They are the priciest ones I’ve found. I saw one surface cleaner that had rinse jets already attached to it. Check this bad boy out.


Try to find a dealer around you and see if you can buy one used. They usually rent them out and you can buy them cheaper than what they cost new. I bought mine used, usually it would have been $1,200.00, but I Purchased it for $450 out the door. and it had a new bar, tips, and spindle on it.


It’s actually a 19". I purchased mine from the power wash store. It was the cheapest that I had found and had free shipping.


I just pulled the trigger on a WW classic, ball valve and swivel from pressuretek. gonna hurt the pocket but his price is pretty solid. Can’t wait to see if it lives up to the hype.


Best you can buy. Also no built in handle. Just plug your trigger gun in and clean. No need for ball valve.


Same swivel and bar as whisper wash, just commercial grade quality.


Ah well, order has been placed. I do like how the WW comes with the option to unplug 2 of the nozzles so when I get my 8gpm i can go with the 4 nozzle pretty easy. Besides my initial investment this has been my biggest purchase to date. I got a steal on my trailer and it was already (partially set up) so I feel like this was a solid investment


Cancel the order. Why live with something that is substandard? That’s a lot of money to spend on inefficiency.


All I’ve been reading is how good the WW classic is. I just don’t see how the eagle you showed a link for could be any better? plus the eagle wash shows a max gpm of 6 so when I upgrade to a 8 I don’t know how well it will handle it. Both are leaps and bounds better than the home depot one I rented the other day. And the red wand attachment one I was using lol.


People rave about the whisper wash because that it what vendors push. They can sell ball valves along with it and can make more off of it. Eagle wash is rated exactly the same as the whisper wash. The swivel and bars are identical. Made by the same company. The eagle wash has better grade plastic bonnet and much better made frame. I’ve had both. I was given a whisper wash to demo for a month and returned it after a few days.


And i don’t know who pressure wash direct is. Just a link to what i use. My local vendor gets them for me


makes sense. just like everything else I’m sure each has its pros and cons. I’m in need of a good surface cleaner and wanted to go ahead and buy a really good one instead of being cheap (like I always am). I’m sure I’ll get my money out of it pretty quickly, but the initial hit did kinda suck.


Do what IB said, and you will make your money back even quicker. If you still can, of course. $100 savings if you go with his recommendation, not counting the swivel.

When i see him recommend something i am in the market for, i hit buy. 3 purchases so far, and a couple more on the horizon. Never disappointed.


Agree with tireshark. William typically won’t steer you wrong. Now I don’t agree with his ball valve opinion because I love mine. Lol