Couple more "starting up" questions

Hey guys, I scored a Hannay reel, flowjet pump, 300g tank and skid for $160.00, everything works.

I am currently looking for a 12’ or 14’ double axle trailer.

Couple questions. I’m only looking at residential now.

Which tank would you use, if any? I thought about selling these and getting a 125g. The tank in second pic is the truck bed type.

I have a new (pic) Husqvarna with an AR pump, supposedly rebuildable if that matters, 3300psi 3.2gpm. It does have the temp gauge that opens if pump gets hot. Im looking for a new 4gpm-8gpm machine, in the meantime you think the Husqvarna will make it through a few washes, sell it or keep for backup? I know it will take longer, which is ok for me starting out.

The skid in the pic was used to water flowers for the city, they used the flowjet to pump water, could I use it to feed the machine with buffer tank, since the Husq. isn’t belt driven, or am I wasting time setting up junk?

I thought maybe I could get a couple houses under my belt, before its too cold here in Ohio, get going with a better setup this Spring.

If you’re doing residential and going to hook up to owners water, you don’t need that big of a buffer tank. I have 100 gal and thinking of moving to 55gal drum.
If it were me I would sell and get a better pressure washer. I have a 4gpm machine…I hate how slow it is. Better pump is my next step.

I don’t know if you can set up your flowjet to feed the machine…Someone else maybe can answer that.

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Edit: ^ what he said.

I doubt you need a buffer tank with only a 3.2 GPM machine. Depends on water flow in your area. Test with a 5 gallon bucket at spigot to confirm. If you need a water tank, a 55 gallon drum will suffice for that machine.

Your washer will work and will make you money… it will just take you a while. Use it till you upgrade, then keep it as a backup, IMO.


Thats right, I forgot you dont need much flow with the small machine, I was also thinking about cool water flow for pump just in case the temperature pressure gauge fails, I can just undo gun let run if I need. Thanks.

If it were me, I would try and sell the sprayer skid for a small profit. Then I would get a 65 gal leg tank as a small buffer. If you set it up with proper gravity feed and prime the pump on tap pressure, you should be able to use your direct drive on a tank.

I would overbuild the whole rig, with the goal of replacing the husqvarna as soon as it’s practical to do so. 1” plumbing to pump, 1” full port ball valves, y-trap filter, 1/2” bypass return hose to tank, etc. Also make sure to leave room in the setup for a larger machine, so it’s a simple swap out when the time comes.

I think having a buffer tank whenever possible is always a good idea, even if it’s just to keep the pump running cool in bypass.

You can install a second hudson float valve further down in the tank, so you don’t have to fill it up to the top when your flow is good.

65 gallons should be good for a 5.5gpm machine at least, depending on your area.


You would sell the Hannay reel also?

No, probably not


That is one good reel, could not replace for what you paid. The others are correct get making money and upgrade asap.

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