Could use some advice


I was asked today to bid on a Taco Bell. They currently have someone doing it for $275.00 and they are not happy. They have about 30 stores. I measured it out and it is about 2300sqft of concrete. she told me she was the largest but when I measured 3 other stores they were 2900, 3400 and 3950 sqft. i cant see doing this for that amount. Am I crazy for thinking this should be around .20 a sqft? she wants me to be at 300.00 a store.


You can only decide if you want it or not, you know your costs, oportunity


You won’t get 20 per foot…I would do the 2300ft for 275, but no the larger stores.

I get 12.5 on Dairy Queens that I do…for quarterly cleanings. They are pretty easy money…they open at 10:00am and I can be done by the time they open.

On 30 stores, they can get them done for 10 per foot.

And, if I were them, if you don’t have hot water, you wouldn’t be doing my stores.


Measure them all out on google maps, add up total sq ft and divide by 30 stores to see what your average is. That will tell you your overal price per sq ft in relation to their wanted $300.


I have a Taco Bell that I’ve been cleaning for about 3 years and that’s about what they pay in my area. It’s independently owned and about the same size. I clean the drive thru, sidewalk and dumpster area monthly. The drive thru and most of the dumpster area is black concrete. From start to finish takes me about 1.5 hrs. I also clean the curb and building sign annually for an additional fee.


You run a few crews though from what I’ve seen in your pics, how many guys are you using wash the Taco Bell?

At an hour and a half that might make restaurants worth it for me again.


How often does she want done?


They want it done once a month. I just run 1 two man Crew for this. I ran into a guy that did a chain for $150 a piece and he said he was able to make$. I don’t see it. Admittedly I don’t know how people in my area make money washing houses at $50-$70 bucks a house


I always have other jobs scheduled on the days that I clean Taco Bell, so I’ll have one or two guys with me. I’ll hit it at daybreak like a landscaping crew and move on to the next job.


For $300 each would be all over it if monthly. That’s $100k/yr.