Cost of reclaiming water?

I am new to power washing, and I know a lot of people bid around .06-.18 a sqft when power washing. I need to do about 40 parking lots + a building sort of like a plaza. It is mostly dirty with very little oil on the parking lot. So I am assuming I need to contact the local water utility company to discuss disposing the dirty water / possibly slight oil. What do you charge on top of the .06-.18 cents a sqft for reclaiming? I almost want to say I will do their sidewalks + building but not parking lot to avoid the possibly slight oil issues.

40 parking LOTS? or 40 parking SPOTS? do you have the equipment to reclaim? there is quite a bit that goes into reclaim, and most decide not to get into it. 40 parking LOTS doesn’t sound like something a beginner needs to be doing. Lots of thou$ands in equipment for that. The reclaim equipment I looked into filters and recycles the water to re use it as you go. I decided that I’d just avoid customers that require it. Wally World, sams, several large restaurant chains etc. reclaim is also kind of a touchy subject around here, just a heads up😎

Hey ShinedUP thanks for responding and yes I mean 40 parking spots. I wish it was 40 parking lots, okay maybe not, that would be an insane amount of work for a small business. I contacted the city and they told me that they have two methods to be in compliance with the city. 1) They require using environmental friendly soap and 2) To use environmental socks. (I am assuming blocking the drainage areas and not the whole parking lot because that is 360 sqft in length and each sock looks to be $90 for 5 feet). Those are the two requirements they gave me to do.

Thanks for the heads up I am new here, been lurking for a couple days and signed up yesterday to post. So not sure what is touchy yet here :).

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If they only require sediment filter socks or even oil socks, that must nice lol! Check into oil-dri absorbent socks. Just berm up and direct flow with something like a cheap pool cover water tube down to one or two filter socks.

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Go to Southside Equipment and check out Bat Guard Berms. Reclaim isn’t difficult just an extra step

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Are the requirements usually more strict in other places Jake? I will check into oil-dri absorb socks. I like that idea about the pool cover, to help direct everything to go in direction of the filter socks. I may need to get two of them to form like a V pattern since the parking is slightly tilted downward. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post.

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Hey Kps. I read some post on here and it seems like reclaim is quite a big deal or is being looked as something difficult. I want to educate myself and do a proper job. I have up to now only used cold water for buildings and sidewalks, and never done parking spots. I will check out that place and look into the Bat Guard Berms. Thank you for your response.

If you wanna get a Dudes attention, put an @ in front of it .
Like @SouthernTexan. 10-4 ?

Very strict in many places. Here’s the skinny on why some of us hate to talk reclaim: there are certain pressure washing orgs who go city to city pushing for reclaim laws because there are big name people within said orgs who benefit because they patented and sell reclaim equipment. I live in a such a county. Google (your town) pressure washing bmp’s. Nothing may come up for you. For me, there is a freaking book of laws and regs. For instance, I’m supposed to reclaim “100%” of waste water just washing residential sidewalks and driveways. Not just capture and divert, but reclaim. Nothing at all can go into the storm drain (although I have done a washout of a storm drain before), and nothing can dry on county maintained roads. I have seen the water dept out testing water at several storm drains in the past. Best part of the pdf of regs and laws for my county is the big ole pwna seal on the bottom. Go figure.


Will they let you reclaim and divert into landscaping? I just ordered the hydrotek unit that sucks and ejects the water but really wanted the one that filters and puts back into the clean water tank to reuse. Only to find that the new 8gpm machine is too much flow to work with the antv5 recovery surface cleaner, apparently it can only handle 6gpm which sucks cause now I can’t use it. Anyone using a recovery surface cleaner that can suck 8gpm?

The sirocco can. I know it says that the recovery unit has to be 200 cfm but ive spoken with several people including Russ at Southside equipment and they say it’ll work fine. I have the same unit as you as well as the azv88 and 100 ft. Is the maximum distance. I’m going to eventually get the sirocco @Seandz

It would probably still work fine for your 8, seeing as you’ll never actually recover near what you’re putting out.

Do you find you use the azv88 or the rpv30e1 more often?

It depends on what I’m cleaning. If it has a lot of mud and gunk Then I’ll use the transfer pump If it’s not that bad or i need to filter for reuse then I’ll use the AZV88