Correct remote valve?

Hopefully this is the right valve you guys have been talking about. 2 wire, reverse polarity.

There was another three wire with yellow wire, not sure what that does.

I’m almost positive that’s not the right valve. I used this one a while back before the bulletproof schertz box. It lasted two months with zero rinsing. Probably last a year if I would have rinsed. Good little valves imo

I looked at that one, the only difference is when the power is cut somehow it’ll close automatically like it’s spring loaded.

I’ll just hook it up tonight and see what it does with my crude setup.

The two wire doesn’t completely cut power when in the open positioned so it will still produce a little heat. Not near as bad as a solenoid though. If you get the 3 or 5 wire it completely de-energizes no matter if it’s opened or closed so produces no heat whatsoever. The directions are universal so should explain it in them. It says something like when in the open position power consumption is nominal. The 3 or 5 wire says it de-energizes in either open or closed position and power consumption is zero.

I see.

Right now I have it set up for the remote to energize the solenoid valve with power on continuous, until I hit the ‘off’ button. Like Harold pointed out, maybe I should be using the auto return instead, so when power is cut the valve rotates to off?

I’m in no way an electrician as you may have noticed. I wired it up and it won’t rotate back closed when I hit the off button.

I ordered the same one you did originally. I sent it back. If I recall correctly you will need some type of special switch to achieve reverse polarity. I’d return it for the one I posted or @marinegrunt posted if your comfortable with the wiring schematics. The one I posted is stupid easy to wire. In the description on amazon “When fully opened, a limit switch keeps the amount of power used by the valve to a miniscule levels. This makes it a much more environmentally friendly option than most solenoid valves. Most solenoid valves are fully energized when opened, which can lead to problems and overheating when run continuously.” I recommend putting a 3way poly valve before the electric ball valve for easy rinsing.

Perfect, thanks. I ordered the auto return one you showed. Makes sense now that I see how things are operated.

Hey do you have a strobe light yet? I’m trying to find a magnet mount one.

I’m using the schertz box now but I never had a strobe prior.

Every heavy equip place usually has one,or a truck stop,Petro,TA etc. John deere,cat,case etc…

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I used the 3 wire one, been using it all year and it’s working great, I flush after every use, not just at the end of the day. I built a remote downstream for about 100.00 and seems to work great, big time saver to me. All the parts off of Amazon, prime free shipping too. We’ll see how long it last.

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That’s the valve I used

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Alrighty, got it hooked up and ready to go. Thanks for the suggestions.


You have a remote controlled DS setup ?

I do!

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Yes I copied the Amazon one works good I made one for a buddy of mine to test out has worked pretty good so far hard to beat 100 bucks. Going to build one for trailer in different box. But I gotta finish 12v build first got some things in the mail for it today. And we got the truck tore apart to build a half skid so everything is a mess I have been using the tank that’s what I named the trailer. And I got super simple 25 gallon 12v system right now since the truck is tore apart. I know I picked a horrible time but I just couldn’t stand the truck the way it was. I have some OCD about how things are kept and organized and the truck the way it was just wasnt cutting it

I know ya do bubby. Do you have a parts list ? I think @SchertzServicesLLC is gonna be busy doing other things. Like concrete work,nursery, snow,washing the sides of the grand Canyon ,mt Rushmore etc…

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All you need is a
waterproof box
3/8 ball valve
2 3/8 to 1/4 thread to barber reducers
A cheap remote switch

The video is on the site

Just watched them. Thanks

You funny!

The plastic barbs are actually labelled 1/4"-1/4" on the bag, along with the valve on Amazon.

I also have an LED indicator light on the side.