Copper stain on concrete steps

I have F9 BARC, would it work on copper oxidation stains?

I like onerestore myself, I’d try that and see how it works. Works on about any surface and stain it seems.

Unfortunately I don’t have any right now, I may just try a small spot of BARC and see what happens.

Worth a try for sure. Hope it works out, let me know if it does. Much success!

I’ve used it on stucco to remove copper oxidation stains. 1:3. Not positive about that substrate

Are you sure that’s concrete?

For copper stains, Use F9 Efflo, dilute 5:1 or strait depending on how heavy the stain is, apply and scrub with a broom. Neutralize with F9 double eagle then rinse with water. Then surface clean. Make sure you mist the things you don’t want efflo and double eagle on to prevent any kind of damage

Alrighty, called Russ at Southside and he suggested the Efflo which I happen to have as well.

Didn’t do a darn thing, no change. Pump up sprayer, scrub with a brush, hit it again, let it sit a few minutes, rinse. I didn’t want to liven it up too much past 5:1 as @sgb pointed out it seemed to be sand concrete smoothed over the aggregate underneath and the house is on the National Registry.

He was fine though, a previous window cleaning customer and was just happy to get the algae off.

from the pic it looks like sandstone. so f9 barc and efflo didn’t work, did you use anything else? Just curious to add to my list of fixes.

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I’ve seen Prosoco Sure Clean recommeded, also hF acid or muratic acid. Even aluminum chloride.

I have had great success with One Restore on copper stains. You might just have to go back later to remove that.