Converting Calcium Hypochlorite to Sodium Hypochlorite?

Anybody want to help me out and give me an EXACT and TRUE answer? For soft washing roofs and houses, I want to make my own sh from ch (shock granules, 45% a.c.) and need some help with mixing amounts. Also, does it kill algae the same? Will it stain if if gets on clothes? Does it leave a residue?

Maybe there’s something i don’t know here, but why? SH is cheap, at least by me.

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I have to drive 2 hours to dallas to buy it in bulk. Otherwise Its 3 bucks a gallon. It adds up, especially when i can go through 20 gallons a day

They’re different chemicals. You’re not going to make one from the other (unless you’ve got a pretty awesome laboratory). CH will leave spots on windows and generally just be a pain in the butt to work with.

Here’s a good site pinpointing the difference between the two:

$3 a gallon isn’t terrible for 10% (I’m assuming that’s what you’re looking at). Adjust your pricing to reflect the cost

Look into having it delivered. If you’re going through 20 gallons a day you could probably have a few weeks worth delivered at a time free of charge.

20 gallons a day of work* I’m a contractor and take on many different types of jobs, including pressure washing and soft washing. Even with buying 10% , I need to drive 45 minutes to the closest supplier. It would be so much easier if I knew a specific amount to mix. I saw somebody mix 3 grams with a half gallon of water to make 6% sh. Any experience with that? I’m a bit sceptical and agree with all of the responses kn here. Its just… man, wouldnt it be great if it were that easy?

Just buy in bulk dude. It’s cheaper, you have more for longer periods of time, and you won’t blow up your garage. 45 min drive isn’t bad. But if you really go through 20 gallons a day, buy a tote. Or two.

Looks like the real deal SH is made using electrolysis, so probably out of the realm of a homebrew outfit.

Pour HF into it to leach out the calcium and then add 1 heaping tablespoon of kosher salt per gallon.


CH will leave a yellow scale / tint when used in high strength like roof cleaning. It’s very difficult to remove


So your too busy to drive or have sh delivered in bulk…

But, you have the time to become a chemist.

Dont just dont

I appreciate all the replies, even the comments that have nothing to do with the question. I’m gonna go ahead and try it and see what happens.

I remember asking my dad what he thought about some ideas I had when I was a young rooster- he said not to do that and I did the opposite.


isn’t sh naturally a gas? which is why it’s such a relatively volatile chem i.e. degrades somewhat rapidly?

It will be the best thing that can happen to his competition. Not every one with a pressure washer needs to be in business.



Have fun trying to rinse the residue off. CH is not the same as SH. Does not matter the dilution rate. It’s a different chemical, with some unfavorable characteristics for our application.

Plenty of other contractors have been where you are and tried it already. If it worked, don’t you think at least a couple of them would be touting its use? Why not learn from their experience?


Every day I understand this a little more

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Basically I have a question that I have people with years of experience giving me the answer to and you know what!? I’m going to go against it anyway. Why bother asking if you’ve made up your mind to do so. Just go to YouTube and research how to do it and spray everything in sight.

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These are the answers I’m looking for

There was a way of using the ch to boost or freshen the sh, but that’s it.