Convert 60psi 12v to 100psi

So I accidentally ordered a couple 60 psi 7gpm remco pumps instead of the 100psi. Is there a way to convert them? I know there is an screw to adjust the pressure but I couldn’t make the pump any more powerful. The 60psi version is just week in my past experience. Any thoughts? @Racer @dcbrock @JAtkinson

Well, I honestly don’t remember what my 7gpm Remco is rated for but it was cycling pretty bad when I first got my system running. Per the guy’s advice on here I adjusted the micro sized Allen bolt on the head and I think it may be in the neighborhood of 100psi.

Yea I can make the pumps work for me but when you here a 100psi pump run next to a 60 psi there is a noticeable difference like there is more power being delivered to it but on the outside it looks like the same pump. Idk lol I can return them and get the right ones but I made the same mistake a couple years ago also so I have like 4 pumps on the shelf now that I don’t want to use lol

Yeah, I don’t really know what the psi is on our pumps, I just keep buying the same pumps every year. I know they’re 6gpm. I will say that if I realized I bought the wrong thing, I’d either use it if it was viable, or go get the correct thing…

Why don’t you call Remco and ask them? Considering I’ve been mainly using 5.5 NT pumps at 60psi for past several years, and I run my current Remco at 85, not a lot of difference in distance

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The question is what pressure is your system at when you’re spraying? 60 vs 100 makes no difference if your gun has a large nozzle and you’re at 40-50 psi while spraying. My system pressure is set at 95 psi. It drops down and holds around 70 while spraying.

I haven’t tried these remco pumps yet but the 60 psi delavan pumps Ive tried were very week compared to the 100 psi pumps… definitely wasn’t just a pressure setting but they had less power and flow lol so idk I thought @Racer had mentioned that b4? That it was better to get a 100 psi pump and turn the pressure down than trying to turn the pressure up on a 60