Conversion for door hangers

What is your average conversion rate for door hangers? Can I expect a .01% lead from the hangers?

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My door hangers conversion rates suck not sure if it’s bc they suck or not. I only do the 5 around only bc they are paid for at this point.

Cheap paper flyers got me more leads then anything.

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1-3% for neighborhoods you’re not working in. 15-20% for 5 arounds. Search the forum.


1% and 15% meaning will do business within 2 years

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15-20 Percent on 5 around?! Let me see your door hanger please :slight_smile:

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We’re out. Lol. The key is having the customers name or address for the house you just worked on so they can keep up with the Joneses, an expiration date, and an actual dollar amount discount. I think I posted pics of them already though. They’re somewhere.

Just got an HOA call last week from a door hanger left on a five around 5-6 months ago. We ended up doing 3 houses in the same HOA in one day and this was one of the doorhangers.

I stopped doing 5 arounds when I couldn’t find space on the calendar.

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It’s even better if they’re outside and you can hand them a door hanger and sell ice to eskimos.


So like $25 off an expires in two weeks?

You got it. Three blank spots or lines you can fill in:

  1. Name and/or address of customers house you just did.

  2. Expiration date

  3. $_____ off

That way you can test length of expiration dates and different dollar amounts to see what works best


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