Convention Sound Off

Sound off if you are attending the convention.

This will be my first. Getting excited to meet some people in person.

Also, shameless admission, if you are willing to split a hotel room let us know. I need a place to crash. I bet others do too.

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Missed last year in Nawlins which would have been a closer drive, most definitely going this year! C ya there!

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Looking forward to seeing everyone there. I ave a solo room, but I started a thread called Huge Convention Roomie Finder. Might be worth a look to see who is going.


What’s everyone doing in the evenings?

There was a networking happy hour on the first night. I went to the WWII museum in New Orleans though. Other than that, there’s usually a group you’ll jump into just by making friends.

It’s my intention to try bbq everywhere I go so you’re more than welcome to hang out at a bbq joint the second night.


Unfortunately I will miss convection. I have two tickets I can give away , I hope tickets is transferable
Let me know who need tickets

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I need a ticket. I know @akinat041 could use too.

Do you know how we can transfer them ?

No, but I will look into that. Regardless, I really appreciate the offer!

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@JessicaPWR do you know how @Aledavidov can transfer his tickets to @Nashvillewash and @akinat041?

Sorry you can’t make it @Aledavidov, but that’s very kind of you!


I was looking forward to meet you , maybe next time sir

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If there is a way to transfer left me know is love to. @Nashvillewash we can ride down together

You aint ridin in my truck…lol

Talk to text?

Where are you located out of curiosity?

I had hoped to make it. My wife and I were both really looking forward to it however with recent events, building my trailer and her starting at a new hospital it’s just not in the cards for this year. We’ll look forward to meeting everyone next year. I had planned to be started back up by now so I’ve got a lot of ground to make up. If I don’t hurry up and get out of retail I think I’m going to go insane. My wife keeps telling me to just get a couple of contracts enough to cover cost of business and leave and focus on the business fulltime. I’ve missed the residential season for the most part so until spring most of my focus will be on building monthly pressure washing contracts and storefront windows. Please post highlights from the convention for those of us unable to attend

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I forgot to buy tickets before they went up. I live 45 mins from downtown Atlanta, so if anyone has a spare and figures out if they are transferable, I’ll gladly pay you on the spot for em. Really would rather not miss it when it’s so close to home. Btw, first post, but been lurkin’ for a looooong time


Roanoke VA

That should be fine! I’m going to private message @Aledavidov @Nashvillewash and @akinat041 - I just need to collect some information and connect you guys with the correct person to make it happen. I’ll be in touch today!


Awesome thank you so much. And @Aledavidov thanks I appreciate it very much.

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