Contractor Yard Signs

Sean Kilgore recently placed an order for Yard Signs and saved $40.00 using his PWRA discount code.

[MENTION=8379]HeroesPowerWashing[/MENTION], your draft is attached.

Are yard signs a part of your spring marketing boost? If so, let me know how I can help.

Tim, what is the cost for 2 signs like Seans?

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Around $150.00 per set of ten with stands and shipping included. Less 13% PWRA discount.

That is for a single design per order. We do have the option of adding a second design. It costs just a few dollars more. Signs and Banners | Gold Pack. Design plus ten signs with stands.

It’s funny how yard signs are a big thing in the US. In Denmark, rarely anyone use them.

So is that 10 roof cleaning and 10 house wash for $150.00? Or just 10 of one for $150.00?

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Sean got ten roof and ten house. That is two packs.

The ten pack with PWRA discount works out to $140.46.

Dang Tim. Now you have me adding to our marketing. After I saw some of the results of these gift cards you are really making me want the yard signs.

I’m here for you brother. :slight_smile:

How many more home shows are you guys doing this year?

Everyone loves a good discount, nice signs Tim!

Just curious, what forms of advertising do you all use over there?

Not sure right now on how many. We have some other things in the works.

Tim, I sent you a message about yard signs.

@Nate10 Tim isn’t here much. Try this

Contact Us | Sign2Day

Thanks man. I ended up getting in touch with him. Appreciate it.