Contacting old customers

When do you all contact your customers from previous years, do you do it right before the season starts, multiple times during the season or not at all?

And how do you like doing it? Email, Mass email, or text/phone call for your big customers

Mass email twice a year once in January and second in June, I like to remind them I’m still around on a 6 month cycle, bombing them with emails every couple of months I think you get put into the “ok, we get it! basket”. The big dollar accounts usually get a phone call because my prices are going up or I’m chasing up money, witch ever occurs first. I had my gutters replaced in 2007 I’m still getting promotional emails lol.


I just did an email blast followed by a text blast and booked 17 jobs from it. I offered early
Booking specials and it worked out great. I use Markate for my CRM and you can do email and text blasts to your whole address book through their software. It works great.


That’s really cool, a text blast seems interesting for sure! Did you receive more messages back from the text rather than email?

yes definitely. What i did was send the email blast and then within an hour send a text blast saying to check your email for early booking specials.

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I do yearly reminders… So if they used my service in June 2020 they will get a cleaning service reminder in June 2021 saying it’s been a year time to clean again per say

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Instead of saying to check their email do you think it would be beneficial to go ahead and repeat the special through text?
I know email is big for some people but it’s much easier for me to do things through text rather than email

Yeah people are more likely it seems to do something through their phone while they’re sitting on the couch watching Netflix - people are lazy and you have to make things as easy as possible. The text message wasn’t able to be long enough to put much info in there so i used it more or less to direct them to their email.

Coming from mostly the window cleaning side, I send out postcards a couple of times a year. Looking at adding email and text marketing this year.

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That definitely makes sense, not having enough space for the special. I’d say you’re doing it the best way then. You could also mention your website or facebook page for specials if there was space for that

How much does that cost you? I know sending a Christmas card to your good clients always puts your company in a good light

Here’s pricing through Markate

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About $1600 per 5000 customers. This includes 6x9 postcards ordered from here, shipping labels that I print and pay one of my kids to put on all of the cards, and postage (bulk permit).

I usually average around 10-15 times in return.

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