Contact help

I got the opportunity to wash about 20 post truck. I needed help trying to get a contact to turn into the guy. Is there any places I could find a sample or template contact to get the wording and stuff right.
Thanks jb

Joist is a free app that you can email estimates/invoices to your clients

Thanks for responding.! I’m going to check that app open. I’m very new to power washing. First time getting a job that I will need a contact just want it to be right.

I use joist and it is a great app

Well that sound like the app to use thanks.! Any tips or advice for a new guy will be greatly appreciated.

It’s actually a very simple app. It will allow you to put your company name, contact info, etc. on there. For every contact you place in there, it saves their contact info. Additionally, you can send your estimates and invoices in there. You can create specific “packages” on there and place whatever you charge, that way you’re not having to fill in the blanks every time you add a new job. Like I said, it’s a very simple app. I love it and it’s free. It will also keep track of paid invoices and open invoices, etc.

Thanks guys I appreciate the help.

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