Considering Our First Parking Garage

I think I know the right answer to this, but I’m having a hard time passing on this one because it’s big for us and there’s a high potential for future jobs.

The job is for approximately 150,000 square feet of parking surface plus walls, ceilings, elevator landings and 2 stair wells. The garage has basically been abandoned for around 3 years and there are very few cars that still park there. We will have 24 hour access to the facility with basically no cars to work around.

It’s a downtown facility and does not have security so there are a few people making this their home. We only saw a handful during the walk through today, but I would expect there to be more folks at night.

There are drains at the North and South end of each floor. On a couple of floors these drains appear to be clogged. The drains shouldn’t be too difficult to block. We will need to collect water and dispose of it off site.

There is water access on at least every other floor with garden hose bibs near the standpipe. I didn’t test any of these to see if they actually function but I will confirm.

The parking surface doesn’t appear to be that nasty and it gets worse from high to lower levels. The elevator landings are pretty nasty, but I does look like it will be pretty simple seal these up. There is also a chance the elevators can be shut down while we are there as the facility is technically closed.

I’m most concerned about the stair wells. They are terrible and I want to just light them up with straight SH. In this building there is about a 1 - 1.5" gap between the stairs and walls. Some of these are sealed others drain to who knows where. We’ll also need to figure out a way to reclaim water at the bottom of these as there are no drains and these stair wells end at an under ground tunnel connecting a few buildings.

The timing they have in mind for completing this job is about 1 week but it sounds like there is some flexibility.

From an equipment standpoint we’re looking to rent 1 if not 2 8GPM units and then use our 5.5 for the islands, elevator landings, rinsing, throwing down chemicals etc.

My contact for this garage mentioned his company keeps a database to keep track of what things should costs. Their internal discussion has this at somewhere between $18,000 - $30,000. This and the prospect of their being more opportunities to come has me really thinking about taking this risk. I will be comfortable subbing this out or bringing in a partner hopefully with some experience.

Any advice is much appreciated.


Better read the thread on Nashville’s experience with cleaning a parking garage.

Its a good excuse to pick up one of these.

I’ve heard it’s slow and had multiple problems with it. Some youtuber bought one awhile back and did some videos on it, cant remember who but they definitely didnt like it. But that was a over a year ago so they couldve ironed out all the bugs by now

Claims 20k sqft/hr. Claims.

I’ve looked at those. 150k! :open_mouth: if you have the means or lease it or could make sense long term

Dang 20k per hour at 6gpm! That’s garbage numbers every one of our guys clean 25k ft^2 per hour with a wand and 8.253gpm. But seriously that’s insane I know rinsing and going over dirty spots twice takes up most of the time, so a vacuum system and regularly cleaned concrete helps but it can’t be 10 times faster than every man in the world with less gpm. Very cool idea though just dont think it works well in practice

Also if anybody that wants one of those but cooler and more efficient for $200k I’ll build you a custom short flatbed truck to fit into the garages with 3 12gpm hot water machines, 3 Mondo surface cleaners that go up and down with hydraulics when you’re ready to clean, a giant water recovery system and some other shiny stuff to make it look like its worth some money! So who wants one? Because I do


I don’t do garages but I like the way you think


There’s a reason for that. I’m picking up a 1 year old 50k reclaim trailer from someone who dove head first into parking garages and found out the hard way. It’s a specialty niche and even the best typical reclaim system is not practical. There’s a guy on here (or at least used to be) who has a rig to do them and his vac system is 40k alone, with a special trailer to get into the short heights. Takes money to make money. That thing is expensive but you get yourself a few big garages it pays for itself. Problem is they only wanna pay like .02-.03 per sf. No real money in it using our typical equipment.

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I’m still working on the bid here, but a couple items I’ve mentioned to the manager.

I’ve got some support from the local PD to help with the residents.

There are existing drainage issues. See pics.

I’m still getting my arms around the reclaim and will reach out to some folks with right equipment and better experience about collaborating.

I may just end up bidding the landings and stair wells and call it a day.

Made 160k in 4 days as listed in this report both in writing and in the Broadcast. It is true, you cannot make this over night on your first garage. But our accounts do make top dollar based on our bid package.

In Florida, we bid on a garage. The competition had a Cyclone. His bid was the highest at 15k for 200,000 sq ft. Thats 7.5 cents a foot with reclaim.Our Bid was 60k. We won the bid and did the garage in a weekend.