Connected hoses or one long hose?

Planning my setup for doing residential and let’s say I decide I want 150 feet of hose. It seems multiple people here suggest getting three 50 foot hoses and connecting them. Is this the no-brainer way to do it, or does anyone feel buying a single 150 foot hose is the way to go? The reason most given is that if one hose breaks, you removed that third and still have 100 feet to work with, which makes sense. But do hoses break/rupture that often? I assume yes based on the number of times I’ve seen people suggest 3 connected hoses. Or is it possible these are “cheaper” hoses and if you purchase a high quality 150 foot hose, breaking/rupturing would be unlikely.
Any opinions either way greatly appreciated.

I’m a firm believer in 250ft. But, i don’t allow my guys to pull into driveways so we lose 50 ft parking on the street. If i were you, I’d get 150 continous and 50 feet for the trigger end. That piece will fail first and will be cheaper to replace


Sounds like a smart approach, thank you very much!

I run 2 100ft hoses, always street park, and keep 50ft on the trailer just in case. never really had an issue with length.

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Ran 2 100 and 1 50 at end

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Same 2 100s and have 2 50s also

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Single 200’ hose on the reel and spare 100’ and 50’ lengths coiled on the trailer.

My hose is a couple years old but only has about 100 hrs of use on it. I have hose repair fittings in case I blow the big hose and need more than 150’ to finish a job.

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I am curious how you crimp on spare hose fittings in the field?

They have special screw-on crimp setup, just need two wrenches. I wouldn’t trust one for regular fulltime use, but it’ll get ya out of a jam. You will need a hack saw to cut the hose, though.