Conflicting reviews - Whisper wash ultra clean vs Classic vs Extreme

I’ve been reading threads here and haven’t found consistent information leading to which one will best suit me.

I have a 3500psi 8GPM general pump belt driven machine on the way, and I’d like to mate the perfect whisper wash SC to it. Price really doesn’t matter either way, its only difference of 1-200$ in total investment.
I like the idea of the Extreme having protectors and extra weight to keep it from flying away, but is the classic the better machine, and just ad some weight to it?

Anyone have experience with my setup, or experience with both the Extreme and classic?

I’ve never heard of the Extreme. But a WW Ultra 19", with 4 nozzles in 25025, would have you absolutely screaming along at a nice safe 2560 psi

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I’ve got the 16 inch Ultra and mate it to a 4gpm/4000 psi machine. I love my results so far, although I need different tips as it came with 2502 i believe.

The benefit to the ultra clean is it comes with a 1/4 inch male qc already on it. So you can just plug your gun into it without the need for a ball valve. If you plan on using a ball valve it really doesn’t matter.

The extreme has an aluminum skirt instead of plastic. If you go to PWP they even have them in different colors.

There’s really no difference between the Classic or Ultra when it comes to cleaning @Jason_Thornton. I went with the Classic because I didn’t know if I’d like the position of the gun if I got the Ultra. I use a ball valve most of the time anyways. I believe they’re both made pretty much exactly the same except for the handles.

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The aluminum cover is nice, I have one, works great and is really durable.

I had a 16” Ultra, upgraded to a 19” Classic but didn’t like the narrower bars and fixed trigger gun, so Russ was nice enough to exchange it for a 19” Ultra.

I just put a 2# ankle weight on it, works fine.

Hey, so the 19 “ultra” is the lower priced one, correct? that has a wider stance ? I currently have the 16" ultra with my 4k/4gpm machine and I love it… but I’m thinking for the 8gpm, the 19 is necessary. I was thinking the Extreme would be the best for me, because of the weight, but I also want something comfortable to use. I’m 6’1’’ if that helps…

I’m 6’2” it it’s comfortable to me.

Wait and use the 16 before you get the 19. I use the 16 all the time, but the guys like the 19 with the 4 nozzles

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Here’s a comparison.


Yes to all of those questions. I took off the handle that came with the 19" ultra and replaced it with a male QC so I can quickly plug my suttner gun into it without a ball valve. Lets me switch between the SC and rinse gun in just seconds. The angle of the gun is plenty comfortable for hours on end, but like @dcbrock said, I put a 3-pound weight on the crossbar so I didn’t have to flex downwards. It still glides very easily. I’m also 6’2 if that helps

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I’m 6’ and the Classic works great for me. I really don’t think you can go wrong with either one.

I agree with what IBS said though. Try your 16" first. You’ll have to get some different nozzles. You could haul with a 16" on an 8 gpm.

I need another regardless, I’m planning to run them both at the same time with different crews.

Go with a 24" Aqua Pro. The 8 will push it easily.


Rick, you like the Aqua Pro? Thinking about getting one. Pros and cons? Thanks.

My day to day SC. Light, durable - cons is it cost a little more. Since I got a few years ago, I 've probably used my Classic a total of 5 times.

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Does that come with a 4 nozzle bar?

Comes however you order it.