Configuring new setup: constant water through bypass?


I recently setup a GX690 with comet pump. The specs said 8 gpm @ 3000psi.

My pressure gauge is reading closer to 3500 though, while using a 9.0 nozzle.

My surface cleaner has two 15050, but I still get a lot of water through the bypass while it’s running, I’d guess 2gpm or more.

2x15050 should be drawing like 8.6 gpm @ 3000psi and 9.4 gpm at 3500psi, so I shouldn’t be seeing anything though the bypass correct?

Sorry for the ramble, trying to learn more about this after our first day with a big machine. Excited and terrified to try out the 9.0 turbo tomorrow


How long is your house length. How much water is bypassing with a number 9 pressure tip when you set your unloader?