Concrete with a protective coating

Hello fellow washers,

Does anyone have any experience in cleaning concrete under and around bridges? This morning i came across several city employees along with a fire truck trying to wash off this concrete. This area went through a flood a number of years ago and this concrete was under water for a couple of weeks.

I think OneRestore would work to get the stain out of this, however, i would love to hear some feed back.

Joe M

I would house wash that, 12" surface cleaner and post treat to brighten. Done and done!

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It looks like a vertical surface. I’d like to see a SC do that… :wink:

I haven’t done any house washing. What is the active ingredient in house wash chemical?


Lol, that’s why I said 12" anything bigger would be to heavy.

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12.5% pool shock. AKA SH.

2 gallons to 3 water and 5 ounce of your favorite soap.

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I did a test cleaning for the city officials using OneRestore, and this is how it turned out!!

looks exensive :wink:

Here are some photos of during and after the job. Turned out great!!

Do you mind if asked what you guys charged per sq ft? I have a job in Downtown Houston I’m biding on for an inside 3 story building. They want ceilings, walls, and floors. What’s a competitive price to bid?

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