Concrete washing


Hey guys. I’m new here and I own a large landscape business in new Jersey and we have gotten a good amount of requests for pressure washing driveways and side walks. After a few days of research I l have learned at the minimum I need a 4gpm machine. To start and learn I figured we will only be doing driveways and sidewalks. Not worried about house washing or any other services at the moment

I plan on purchasing a Generac 4200 PSI 4gpm machine for $900.00 at lowes.

Any advice? Looking for any tips ?


Yes my advice is don’t.
Buy one from a Pressure washer store that will last for a few hundred more


Could you send me a link to any reputable websites ?



Any advice? Looking for any tips ?

They will be asking you for other work that requires a bigger machine.
Where do you see yourself in a year?
If you are in it for the long haul, go bigger.
Like they say, don’t trip over coins striving for dollars.


Just as most likely your landscaping commercial grade equipment that you run day in/out wasn’t purchased at one of the big box stores, the same rule applies when purchasing professional grade PW equipment. Christian above have you a link to a reputable dealer.


I would get a 5.5 gpm 2500 psi pressure pro if it was me


I’m right there with you. I have a 3.5 GPM 4K PSI from Northern Tool looking to get a better set up


I pulled the trigger and ordered the 5.5 to swap out my 4 on my machine


how are you liking it compared to the 4


I meant JUST pulled the trigger. I’m waiting patiently for delivery. Ive already gotten with Bob and ordered the parts needed to add a buffer tank to my set up. It should all be here any day now