Concrete uniformity

Surface cleaned this concrete. This sidewalk looks so much brighter than the rest of the drive. Any way I can get more of a uniform look? I want to note I did not post or pre treat.

That’s because all the creme gone off of driveway. You’re down to the gravel. So no.

That’s unfortunate

Love the way you don’t stop at the line up top. Make the neighbors know how dirty their sidewalk is and how clean it can be! :joy:

We’ll hold on a sec. That section is a newer pour than the upper one so it’s going to be lighter.

Per @Racer the cream may have been stripped off as well but we need to know what your method was for cleaning it, ie wanded, surface cleaner, PSI etc.

Here in Louisville we have an old part of town with tons of these patchwork sidewalks.


Wasn’t implying he did, it’s old

I know, just saying that light section has a different color sand used than the driveway or next sidewalk square, which is what he’s asking about.

Regardless the stripes left over need to be post treated.

No, it’s just very dirty still, it needs pressure washed correctly, not just bleach thrown on it. I’m hoping that’s just how the concrete is and not really an unclean spot, because that’s bad.

I’m thinking this upper section got hit with the wand as well so the sand color is different.

That bright white section of concrete is certainly a newer pour. You can clean the other sections and post treat them and not the newer section and see if that “blends” it any better


@WaterBazooka any chance you took before photos of this area? When doing a walk-around, whether at time of quote or at the beginning of work I would hope this gets caught 99% of the time.