Concrete Turned Yellow

Hey Guys,

Got a call this am from one of the Contractors I occasionally work with, he’s in a pickle.

They poured concrete back in December 2023, a few days later it rained and got stained… Coustomer had them come back and clean it, my contractor had them wash it with Muriatic acid (not sure why) and once it dried it yellowed.

My guess is, the acid wasn’t neutralized and it reacted some how.

How can I get the yellow off? F9?

Just guessing but the muriatic probably ate the cream coat away.

Good one to ask would be @sharpe

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No creme coat on this one…

This is a sand finish concrete, its got that rough finish

The yellow/Orange has to be a reaction of some sort…

Post on the Facebook F9 page and see if it’s salvageable.

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Ah, I see. Yeah you’re probably right. Do like @dcbrock suggested and see what those guys say?

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