Concrete tile roof, rinse or not?

I am doing my first concrete roof tomorrow. Heavy moss, “made” in NW Pacific coast.
I did not find much information about concrete roof cleaning.
@Racer told me it’s fine to not rinse. But I do see a lot of people choose to rinse or manually remove (wire brush) big chunks before the treatment.
What should I do, please?

@Racer is right, you don’t HAVE to rinse. Many people don’t and many people do. There is no right answer. Just set the proper expectations with the homeowner. Me personally, I don’t rinse 99% of the time, especially tile

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I would love to help and say don’t rinse it pointless but I’ve never had to clean a roof with that green crap on it. Using 50/50 to loosen up that crap so it can be rinsed off easier does make sense though.

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I don’t rinse on asphalt roofs. But for the concrete roofs with heavy moss, I find that the moss on concrete tiles doesn’t come off easy like asphalt. I am just a little worried that the result might not be perfect, even after two or three months.

Word of warning. Rinsing is slippery work.

Did the job today. Treated with 50/50. Tried to rinse, but it’s just too much work and I gave up.
Does it look like it will be clean in a couple of weeks?

I would spray that thing with Roundup and come back in a week

How did it turn out?