Concrete Tile Roof Cleaning - Soft Wash Risks?

Hi PWR community,

Would soft washing a tile roof (cleaning with a 3-4% Sodium Hypochlorite roof mix) run the risk harming the underlayment?

My concern is the chemical will leach through to the underlayment onto the tile (unlike a typical asphalt shingle roof) and dry out the underlayment (tar paper).

Does anyone know of some good soft wash videos regarding concrete tile roofing?

I appreciate your help (in advance).


It won’t hurt it . If your application is light coats with no pressure to force it under the tile I won’t get to the underlayment anyway


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Thanks buddy. Wish I had more time to be here . Hopefully things will slow down a little for the holidays


Thank you for your reply!

Spend less time worrying about the effects of chlorine on the room and focus your attention to what it’s doing when it comes off the roof. That’s we’re all the potential for damage is

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Long time no see @florida_condo_cleani You have obviously been busy!

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@florida_condo_cleani great advice!

Focusing on damaging the landscape is excellent advice. That’s what the customer will notice and the consequences can be huge.
The customer probably won’t ever notice if their underlayment gets brittle in spots that the 4% SH got through to (if it somehow did and if that would even happen)-- however, I do believe that I should not be cleaning a roof unless I’m sure their roof system is not compromised by my caustic chemicals.
I’m glad to be encouraged to focus on the damage that chlorine does to the landscape, thanks again.

@florida_condo_cleani answered your question. Then he told what to be concerned about–the landscaping. And what do you do? Take a cheap shot. Not cool.

^ You got that part right. And I agree. If you’re not sure, don’t do it.

But if you would’ve spent more than 13 minutes of reading time on this forum you would have found an answer, had it confirmed, and then moved forward with confidence.

There’s a ton of info here. Much of it gold. Read, read, read.

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Hi qons,

I am just now seeing this, and I am not sure I understand what you mean:

“And what do you do? Take a cheap shot. Not cool.”

I’m pretty sure that you see my reply as a cheap shot to an experienced cleaner who was trying to help out a new cleaner (me).

I am sorry for my reply. I feel like your view of my reply as “a cheap shot” is perhaps harsh, but I do regret how I replied because it definitely was not good. I feel like I was defending my initial concern in an immature way, trying to show that I right for worrying about bleach getting through the cracks.

Thanks for pointing that out and I aim to never write like that again.

By the way, I did search through the existing topics regarding cement tile roofs and could not find this being addressed before posting.

Thanks, also, for the welcome.


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I appreciate the reply.

Sounds good.

Look forward to your contributions.

There really is gold here on this forum. Though you sometimes have to sift a little. Lol