Concrete slabs on dock

Okay guys. Concrete tiles on a dock with Run off from the aluminum roof. How would you clean these? What chemical. One restore? F9 barc?

I think you’re spot on.

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Try the OneRestore,.

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Careful using chems, some states frown on them getting washed into a lake.

So do the fish

You could give ZING a shot, but let me know the results.

One restore ended up turning the white stones a darker color. It probably got rid of the white coloration on top of the stone. It looked worse then when it started. Sorry I don’t have pics, didn’t take them The customer already had new stones to replace those so they let me take a shot at it

Wow, OneRestore is a milder acid than f9. Well there you go…you tried. Wonder if you could try f9 to see if it would do anything? Be curious to see that.

They should consider installing gutters so it doesn’t reoccur I reckon.

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