Concrete hot vs cold

Is hot water that much better than cold water when cleaning concrete


Heat definitely speeds up the cleaning process and it is vital if you’re cleaning oil or grease.

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Absolutely!! Commercial work its a must and even with residential work I think Thad nailed it… It speeds up the cleaning process and we all know in this type of business Time=Money.

yes hot water is a must.

I washed a driveway yesterday. And it took way way to long I have washed quite a few driveways but this one wow
It did not look that bad until I started the difference between where I cleaned and where I did not was like BLACK and white I have 4000 psi and 4 gpm belt drive and a 18 inch surface cleaner and had to go over it twice sometimes three times
It was 200 ft long and twice as wide as a reg. Driveway. Took me 6 hours. I was thinking no more than 3 hrs
I tried f13. And some hood cleaner to no avail. Just wondering if hot water would help with dirt or should I go with more gpm.
I k.ow hot water is good for oil and grease but if it is not going to break up dirt then I’d rather my money go else where


I had always used cold on concrete (4000 psi at 4gpm) with decent results.

That was until I saw the results from hot water.

Im in the process of purchasing my first hot water unit now.

Hot water and GPM’s are both important in cleaning concrete but in your scenario if you could only pick one for now I would go with heat which is an absolute must if you are going to deal with commercial work.

Since business is all about risk taking I would in your scenario just go out and do whatever it takes to purchase an 8gpm hot water machine now if your serious enough about your business. You won’t regret it for a second.

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I don’t use hot water on to many driveways. The one your talking about sounds like you could of used some heat though. Also try a good house wash mix instead of F13 Or some EBC. GPM are king, and how big is your surface cleaner?

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18" SC! I read it again. That’s a tad big for 4 GPM machine. You will have to run slow till you upgrade your equipment.

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I see some units are a 12 volt hot water system and some have generators built in becide price would i know much difference between the two

Their is a price difference.

Either one is fine.

As in most things in life, the more expensive one to purchase can actually cost you less to own over the long haul.

Hot water is hot water.

110v units are said to be a bit more stout.

Many, many people do just fine with 12v.

You pay your money and you take your chances.

Some of the ones with generators have electrical outlets for plugging in lights and stuff, which I think would be a bonus if you do commercial work. (at night)

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Less headaches with a 110v to a 12v burner in the long run.

12v costs less in the long run… With the extra hp the generator pulls it’s not worth it…

im wanting a hot water machine to but for now we down stream straight sh on the drive way if its real dirty it breaks up the dirt preety good i m using a 24in hydro tec sc at 4 gpm

Is there a difference between a hotwater pressure washer and using a burner or is it the sane thing.