Concrete footprints wont come up (video)

Lmk what you think. @racer, @Tim4, others

Wow, you’ve tried about everything in the book. How strong was your Sodium hydroxide mix? Did you scrub it any after you applied?

If you’ve got some F9, I’d try it on a little section of it and see what happens.

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Zep straight on damp concrete, scrub w stiff brush, dwell 10 min.

It actually didnt feel greasy when I was touching it in the vid. This was before that cleaning too.

Do you think stronger sodium hydroxide? Or is it some sort of etching? Idk. There is another stop that has something similar on their dumpster pads and drivethru.

Again, this walkway gets cleaned every week. And it almost feels like the footprints multiply. Stumper for me but my brain wont let it go.

LOL, that would drive me crazy too. It’s like it’s embedded in the concrete. I’d give the f9 a try, just to see. If that doesn’t work, you can try this next -

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Thanks much!

i would ask Craig Harrison… he’s the guy that made F9… he’s pretty knowledgeable about stuff like this.


Try MEK with baking powder and brush it.
Then use hot water to rinse it off.

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I think i figured it out.
There had to have been muriatic on the bottom’s of my shoes. So it is etched, explaining why it won’t come up.