Concrete Etching?

I have a 3100 PSI but it might be a little less than that because its so old. What are these marks? did I etch their driveway!? (Its the left concrete pad) Its not going away and the etching looks brighter than the rest of the concrete. Iv pressure washed plenty of driveways w this pressure washer and surface cleaner and never saw this. Concrete is ~10 years old

More info: Customer applied Oil-based sealer to that part of the driveway and only on that specific part has the marks.

How many gpm? You get a lot more striping when the SC is oversized for the machine.

Those are weird marks, did you try going back over? Looks like you were dripping acid from side of your SC. Though you need to check your actual pressure. 2500-2600psi plenty for residential.

Lots of people are suggesting your driveway cleaning video. Would you have a link to that? I am using 25025 tips with a 4 gpm and my gage reads 3300 psi. Everyone says it should be 2500 with the 25025 tips, and i know the gage is accurate with all my other PW tools.

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Thank you.

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@Steve512 I’m sure you’re a great guy, but it’s a lot easier to find @Racer 's how-to videos silently, without bothering him than it is to run a business. (just search!!! ooofff.) I can assure you. If you need such a short cut, Papa John’s should probably be next on your list. That’s about as easy as it gets. This is a tough business, even for a go-getter. Don’t let anyone sugar coat this craziness.

How many feet of hose you running?

50 feet of 3/8 hose. 4 gpm machine. 25025 tips. Gage reads 3300 psi. Etching may have already been there. Trying to get to 2500 psi.

Put the 2503’s in there when you get and report back.

Yes sir. Will be doing that tomorrow morning and will let you know.

I did go back over. 3% pre and post. The thing was black so hard to see what was up at first. I believe years ago someone etched it with a wand. All the newer sections of concrete that are here and there on the property, showed no signs of etching.

did you calibrate the flow 1st?

The pictures of the above driveway are not mine.

Racer, I put the 2503s in the SC and its down to a cool 2200 psi. Im good with that. Would rather have to move a bit slower than etch up a driveway or worry the whole time. I always at least pre soap treat and always 3% SH post treat so i think I’m good to go.

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