Concrete driveway with old tar coating

We see a lot of that here, someone comes along and says they’ll tar sealcoat their driveway. What is the preferred method for this, provided the black sealant is old?

What is your question? How to wash it or how to seal coat it?

I’m as confused as you are.

Then you must be pushing 50 with 3 teenagers in the house

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Washing it, sorry.

I don’t wash a asphalt or tar driveways.

If a driveway has been sealcoated you have two options
1 reseal coat it
2 remove old driveway pour new one

Shoot, half the driveways here are sealed by that black stuff, most are pretty worn out. Customer of mine wants hers washed.

Invest in and learn the Buisness. Obviously there’s a market. It’s pretty no brainer stuff.

The cost to seal coat it is relatively close to what a professional washing company would charge to wash it. Up here you can get your normal 4 car drive way seal coated from a local company for $200 and have it look brand new.

Considering how nasty this sloped driveway is, I’m pretty sure she’d want that cleaned off first before sealing again. Guess I’ll swing that by her when I do her sidewalk.

When they seal coat it they are supposed to remove all the dirt themselves with blowers and water.