Concrete Damage


With so many variables, It’s really hard to say. Every surface will cure differently. I suggest doing a test area when you see this type of design.


Major factor is quality of concrete and surface finish imo
A few weeks ago I used a surface cleaner on new commercial concrete just over 1 month old rated at 45mpa and had no dramas on 99% of area.
One area was poured slightly off level and water pooled up against edge, this surface was weaker and I immediately saw the surface cleaner changed the colour of the concrete as I moved over it.
Closer inspection confirmed it had removed some grains.
I avoided the rest of that section with sc and just rinsed off with ball valve.
I’m actually going back tommorow to do final areas where temporary fence was sitting and I’m going to see if problem area has hardened sufficiently to accept sc.


I was thinking the same with f9. Maybe it will at least even out the wand marks.


Walk away. The time and effort spent won’t be worth it as you can’t guarantee a perfect outcome.

The fix is to resurface with a concrete grinder to a uniform finish and then reapply the cream/skim.

Unless you have the tools - leave it to the concrete guys.


I passed on one the other day that was less than 2yrs old…if it ain’t 3…it won’t be done by me.


Do you have any advice for exploring cleaning concrete with SH and Citric Acid? I’ve heard of using Hypchlorite, but never anything about Citric Acid.


Did some touch up work for a builder today(getting ready for the higher ups to do a walk through). The model home had crazy damage done to it with a wand. Pointed it out(to make sure he knew I didn’t do it) and I think I’m going to get a lot more of the work from this builder. Hope my surface cleaner doesn’t cause damage as well on these new homes :sweat_smile:


That’s a strange looking finish on the concrete.


Hipster art deco look


The more grooves for water, the more mould. (And dirt). :-1:t2:


Rough finish caused by concrete being too wet when broomed. Wand will leave marks, surface cleaner will leave marks also.