Concrete damage question

I have a previous customer that called about her son’s 2yo driveway. She’s pretty upset, the cream has popped in places and they both swear salt was never used but the concrete company is blaming them for the damage.

Regardless the company said they will ‘repair’ it but needed to be pressure washed first, so I had a look and here is a pic.

I let her know the tire marks won’t come up without hot water and expensive chems, she said the company needs those up before repairs so I referred her to another PW outfit.

My question, for future reference what would cause this if salt wasn’t used? She feels the job is shoddy, and from my novice eye I see a few questionable areas like that weird walkway pour. She’s almost to the point of suing.

That’s one ugly driveway. I own a hot water machine and have had success getting tire marks off w/o using hot water, usually just surface clean and post treat. This will be interesting to follow, maybe suggest the customer ask them what process of “cleaning” they recommend. Would hate to see homeowner engage a company to clean only to have concrete company blame them also. Maybe they’re simply kicking the can down the road hoping the customer will get tired of the fight.

I don’t think it was the home owner. But one thing about salt, even if you don’t put any down yourself, in the winter when driving around the bottom of your car gets salty then you come home and the salty slush melts onto the driveway. But again I don’t think that is what happened here

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Looks like concrete delamination, which is normally the contractor’s fault. I didn’t see a problem with the sidewalk in the pics, other than it being broom finished and that someone might have pressure washed it. That looks like the owner’s fault.

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Those spots on concrete are blisters. Usually and most common cause was that the finishers got in a little bit of a hurry and troweled it before all the bleed water had time to surface. If that spot is like that I’m sure in time more appear just give it some time. You might speed that process up by putting a surface cleaner on it.