Concrete Curb tricks?

Huge concrete curb project (with the 18" swale)…what are you guys doing unique to walk/clean massive lengths of these without wanding it all? It’s a neighborhood wheere we’ve done a bit of work before for the HOA, so it’s round about a mile of curb and sidewalk…there has to be a solid attachment for that…or I’m going to fab something, lol

Hard to beat a wand and turbo nozzle.

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There has to be something to beat that… :rage:

I’ve done hundreds of miles with one. Figure 500 ft an hour with having to go fill up and what not. One guy driving and one guy walking behind washing is faster than one guy pulling all the hose off and washing 250ft n both directions of the truck

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As always, got a pic

no, but just a basic curb/gutter assembly…something like this I imagine

You said 18" swale, so wasn’t sure if the rolled or standard. Also, speed will depend on how bad they are, reason for pic

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Yeah, haven’t laid eyes on them yet…just got thinking there had to be a multi-tip wheeled attachment that just rolls along there at hits the whole width in one pass…

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A trick?? How about behind the back while blindfolded? The customers would love it! Probably easier to just hit it & be done with it than to fab up the curb zapper 3000 but it’s always great to see folks thinking outside the box. All music was once new.


I’ve seen pics of one that did the curb and gutter too

If it is like the picture you showed, get a Briggs and Stratton 14” surface cleaner from Lowe’s for $70 and do one pass on the flat and the clean up the curb with a turbo. If the flat is smaller than 14” I’d just go turbo all the way.

Twin turbo about the only thing i can think of that doesn’t involve a tig and some stainless. Suttner do them. Never used it, surely a bit quicker than a single.

I’ve got one. They suck

Yes this one! Shooting curbs with the Double Barrel - YouTube

This guy is so dialed in it’s not even funny.

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That guy has not cleaned a lot of curbs, or if he has, hasn’t gotten very profecient with it.

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What’s wrong with them?

1, they are super heavy
2, with the water flow cut in half it is faster to just use one
3, they are hard to hold steady as you have two different nozzles rotating at different speeds, think harmonic balance


So this was what had me thinking about it…

but I think you’re right, it would involve making your own possibly. Don’t do them enough for that.

Until you see them in person, all guessing anyway

Have you thought about adding this to the arsenal of useless things that come in handy every once in a while. Good to 8 gpm “allegedly” Put it on the end of a 48 inch wand and go running.