Concrete cleaning pricing

I am quoting a job that would be 260,000 sq ft of concrete floors and 26 ft walls that would need to be cleaned I am thinking 0.115 per sq ft which would also include the walls at that price. Any input would be appreciated.

Figure how long it will take and how much you want to make per hour and multiply it.

A lot of factors at play here… Is it a warehouse like @Nashvillewash did or are we talking a parking garage? How much electrical? Where does the water drain? What chems are you going to need to use? Have you done a test spot with these chems? Will it need reclaim? If it’s not a reclaim job will the water run into a parking lot and stain it? Will it flood into another business and end up a HAZMAT situation.

So many questions you need to answer before anyone can say much. Not trying to be rude, just observant.


I can also guarantee you are underbid. Even if I was just using water I wouldn’t do it that cheap… To put it in perspective an average Walmart super-center is about 200,000 square foot.

I will be using chems i have already done testing so i know that will be fine. It is inside and i will need to reclaim the water to disposal drains in the building which are on the floor through out.

how many gallons of chemical are you going to send down the drain? Have you contacted the city administration and the water department asking them if the chemical is ok to put down the drain in the volume you are using? Sewage plants have micro-bacteria in them and a large volume of chemical (even if it says eco friendly) can kill off the organisms. And you could be on the hook for damages.


it will be about 330 gallons on chemicals. There is some electrical components on the walls which will need to be bagged off. I will contact the city thanks for the heads up on that. any other advice?

Maybe get written permission from the water department to send that chemical down the drain. Just in case they decide later “they never said you could”

You may need a permit. Ask them.

Good luck!!

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@Nashvillewash can also attest that just because you do a test spot, does not mean it will work everywhere!


What kind of equipment you got? That’s a lot of concrete.

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.115 is a great rate at 260,000 sqft. I’m not speaking from experience, but I am speaking from a years worth of reading. Your competition is probably bidding at half that especially if the concrete isn’t even too dirty. I would have a hard time pricing this. I’m interesting in this topic. Can’t wait for the day I get a job like that. This is not advice. I’m not qualified to give it. Good luck

I have a 8gpm 4000 psi cold water machine. 21” surface cleaner with vacuum recovery unit. I haven’t got the job yet just submitting a bid at this point.

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What chemical are you using and how are you applying it? And who made your machine?

I am not too fast with concrete cleaning. Im usually at 1000-1500 ft/hr after post treating running a 20". At this rate of speed, with few hangups, it would take 17.5- 10 hour days alone. This doesnt include pre-treating, messing with reclaim etc. This would not really be acceptable to most customers. I would run floor scrubber

and crank up your pandora radio.
This will allow you to control the innevitable drama of runoff issues and dispose of however you need too.


Here you go

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Six weeks ago you didn’t have reclaim. Who made your washer? Never saw one with those specs


If it was just the floor yes! But he said he’s doing 26 foot walls too for that price.

I have two Honda gx 390 Motors with AAA pumps running in tandem to one gun. The pump is 4000 psi @ 4gpm each.

Are the walls done at .115 per sqft or just thrown in for free?

You will be there for months

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