Concrete Brush Marks

Just checking in to make sure that I didn’t mess this concrete up. It’s underneath an outdoor pavilion and I found a stamp indicating it was poured in April 2018. It still has a pretty nice cream layer and out of an abundance of caution I changed the tips on my SC just to be safe. I never noticed and milky white or gray discharge.

There are bands of brush marks that are about 2 feet wide running in each direction. When wet these were a grayish color. When dry they are more of a sandy brown. They are obvious to me and you can see the alternating direction as you look at the concrete long ways. I did notice these bands in areas I hadn’t cleaned yet so I know they were there before.

Below is an after shot that isn’t all that great. I’m just hoping one of you experts can confirm this is something in the concrete that I didn’t cause, but exposed by cleaning it.

Aside from the brush marks, the pavilion looks really good.


Those are broom marks from the concrete finisher to make the concrete less slippery when wet, you did nothing wrong imo.

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I think @hotshot is right. But this is why you always want before shots. It just gives you peace of mind. You rarely need them, but, man, when you do, you are so thankful you have them. I only had a couple jobs where I had to go back and look at before shots to make sure I hadn’t caused/created a problem.

Don’t worry about. Old rubber scrubber is right.

Yes! I’m trying to get into the habit of taking before and after shots. Thanks for the feedback!

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I would say the same. It’s the brush marks from the concrete guys. Sometimes, no matter how low your pressure is, you will remove the cream between the brush marks and it looks streaked but it isn’t. Some concrete guys say that it was finished too much and that’s going to happen either with time or a wash. Not your fault, its usually the concrete guys trying to make it look amazing (which it does), but the longevity of it looking that white and perfect is short lived, especially since it will have to be cleaned at some point.

broom like everyone else said.

Here is a short video (about 3 min) showing you what they do. THey do short concrete videos for a skill or tool each.

Where I live at in the north, we like it as it adds a little traction in the winter. The broom finish will wear over time though and become smooth (happens in the traffic patterns). They normally float, trowel, broom and edge them where I live. IT gives it a box look after that edging.

I am not, nor have I ever been, a mason (the primadonnas of the construction industry).