Composite decks and mixtures


Long time member but had to go “spy” mode due to some of my competitors lurking through my page to find some info… Im horrible with ratios and percentages so bare with me here. I am upgrading to a 65gal chem tank which (25/35 h20) i was previously mixing small 10 gal batches 4/6 due to a space saving issue but have read through the forms that i should be able to cut down my SH percentage with my new surfacant. I will be down streaming through a 10:1 injector. What percentage will my cut give me downstreamed and what percentage will it give me through a roof pump?

Previously, when doing composite decks we have also DS mix then soft brushed the heavier areas when necessary. Seems like we can save a decent bit of time by either spraying on with our roof pump or a pump sprayer. I have always been hesitant with using our mix straight as i didnt want to be to strong and damage a deck. Thanks for all the help


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