Completed my first 2 jobs! BUT 12v pump troubles already?

I completed my first two jobs this week! One was just a drive/walk way but the other was a full on driveway, roof, deck, koi pond, & house wash! Yaayy, the rent is paid!
I’m having trouble with my Gen III softwash pump though. When I went to start my second job the first pump didn’t switch on. The on/off switch wouldn’t even flip. So I switched over to the second built in pump and quickly moved on to the job, exactly why I bought this machine in particular. I have used the machine less than a dozen times but never had any issues while practicing and have made sure to flush the lines with water. I did notice some discoloration in my line near the brass valve I put in for the flush on the sh line so I have ordered proper pvc 3way valves with fkm seals to replace asap. Could this have messed with my pump so quickly though?
I also noticed that my pump seemed to be pretty loud towards the end of the job. Is it starving? Does this indicate an air/pressure leak?
I am not getting the ideal performance out of my machine in my opinion, it couldn’t reach the roof peak from ladder or on the ground. I’m going to have to retouch the roof wash but didn’t feel safe climbing on it after I had already started washing (Client was happy with the job, but I’m not). But I’m hoping this is all user error, praying I haven’t fried my pumps before I’ve made any money.

(For those concerned about the koi, I did my research and was very careful To super rinse everything but also we removed the fish to an aerated tank temporarily and pumped out the waste water.)

Pump sounds shot. No pressure, how long have you owned it? Call power wash store if you just bought recently let them know. I’ve had gen 2 for 2 seasons and have had no issues with it. I would change out the three way like you said. If it was me I would take the 90 degree off the end of the proportioner and use a straight barb instead. I think it will help the flow a bit.

I got it in August but fired it up for the first time just 2-3 weeks ago. I called the Power Wash Store and they thought I should test the switch by connecting the wires to the other switch or just see if the pump responds when hooked up directly to the battery so I am trying that. As for the other pump I’m sending a video to them but it’s possibly just air in the system. We’ll see. You’re absolutely right about the barb and I just switched it out! Thank you for noticing that.

You’re welcome. When you find out the problem, post it if you could. I’d be interested to know, hopefully it works out for you. 12v can be finicky to deal with from time to time.

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That sounds sounds like the pump is loose or vibrating, also make sure you have the pressure switch adjusted for the proper flow rate with your tips if you want max performance,
Here’s a video on how to do that

As for the switch I’d recommend getting A marine grade switch if it’s gonna be getting wet, those autozone ones have always burnt out on me

Battery Switch, 12V 24V 48V Battery Disconnect Master Cutoff Switch for Marine Boat RV ATV UTV Vehicles, Waterproof Heavy Duty Battery Isolator Switch (On/Off)

I can help you with the wiring if u need it

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Thanks man, I tested it and I’m relieved it was just the switch. I was kind of panicking it was gonna be the pump. I’ve ordered one of those switches, seems like your definitely right about those ones getting wet.
I hadn’t seen that video about adjusting the pressure switch, thank you for sharing that’s extremely helpful. That guys videos are great I should probably just try to watch them all

With 12v expect them to fail once a month, mine don’t that often normally but some do