Complete Exterior Company..?

Hey guys looking to see what you think about this idea, or if any of you have this.

My company offers Pressure washing, soft washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning.
The thought has crossed my mind to add-on yard maintenance. I know this is pretty much a totally different beast than cleaning. The idea however is to have a company that completely takes care of the the customers needs. What do you think of the idea?


Not a bad idea, but you definitely should take some time to learn the landscaping market in your area, if you haven’t already done so. There is a big difference in lawn service and landscaping as well. Most areas are saturated with grass cutters, and margins are slim. To be a licensed landscaper (not just grass cutter), at least in my area, you also need to be a horticulturist with knowledge of landscaping blueprints and local flora, fauna, and their applications.
You would be spreading yourself thin, because you would also have to run a separate crew, or dedicate days to haul your landscaping trailer… which would take away time from your other business. Please don’t forget the additional insurance, and licenses this would require.
I hope I am not discouraging you, but these are the realities I have already dealt with.
If you really want to try it, then this time of year may be a good time… grass cutting slows down significantly, you could focus on fall cleanup, and work your way into the busy season. You can also look into tree cutting, and pesticide/herbicide applicators license to spray roundup/weed control. All of these require licenses, and insurance coverage of course.
I think the more services you offer, the more work you have available to you, but sometimes the risk/reward just isn’t favorable. Some customers are not just looking for someone to cut their grass, they will want full landscaping. It may be easier, and more beneficial for you to get familiar with a landscaping company in your area, and build a business relationship in which you refer each other work… or it has been discussed here many times to offer your time to work for free to learn the business. Good luck brother, I wish you the best if you decide to add these services.


Personally I wouldn’t add on lawn maintenance, Every one and his brother does that. BUT I would add landscaping.

I offer some other services, but only if it relates to the PW services. Deck boards are rotted out and its not a complete overhaul, trees/branches need to be trimmed back, stairs or railings need attention, etc. my favorite is lattice that needs replacing… super easy

Trees are an easy up sale if they are hanging on the house and look bad. Any carpentry work takes backs seat to PW jobs and done when times allows. Doesnt make me a lot of extra money, but it helps to fill days/weeks that are slow.

Sounds like you would be offering more of a property managment service.


I think rare had some really good advice… he’s right, i think profit margins are a lot smaller in lawncare. I think $35-$50 an hour is about the best you can do… there are exceptions, of course… so it would be more profitable for you to spend that time doing pressure washing.

However… i guess that really only applies if you have a fully booked schedule… if there is downtime, then like donut said, it does give people something to do.

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Thanks man, those are some really good things to consider.

All I know is if you spray fertilizer make sure to learn the laws and follow them. A friend of mine in the landscaping buisness tells me about mom and pop guys near us all the time getting federal charges over skipping particulars.