Now I’m all amped up looking at snow equipment and can’t sleep…


Here’s other junk we have to deal with and shouldn’t have to. Although it’s getting credited back, it’ll likely be a couple days. Harcros drafted $2,140 through my debit card that was somehow linked with a completely different company. They tried to credit it back 2 hours later and I had no idea except that I check my accounts daily. Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but that $2140 is mine. Not theirs. Lol

Looks like I’m back to looking for chemical suppliers…


I finally got my wrap done. Looking back on it, I should have made my website more visible but it works; most ppl call anyways. Overall, I dig it!


Looks really good!


Once I have my business going, I will be using a CC that gets points for everything. My friend with an auto shop uses his cabelas card and get a new firearm each year with points he has accumulated. He sometimes has to make trips multiple times a month to pay off the card because he is maxing out and needs the credit the next day.


We do that with our monthly Bill’s and groceries. Airline miles. We just went back to HI for $367 round trip 7 nights…from the Right Coast. Just gota make sure you’re on top of payments so you don’t rack up interest. If you don’t have cash, don’t charge


Extremely smart. My 9-5 is in the tech sales space and everything is moving towards a reoccurring revenue model. It’s easier to track/predict long term growth


I have had similar experiences. I typically charge flat rates for everything. Recently, I screwed up though. My flat rate for Window Cleaning, inside and out of a Bungalow is $250. So, when I had a quote request for a 4,000 sq. ft. Bungalow, I added $50 for a total of $300. I did not visit the property, or get txt pictures. I just ran with it.

When I arrived, it was a freaking mansion with french panes, dome windows with dividers and a 2-story walkout on the back. So, basically it was an extremely complicated bungalow on the front, and a 2-story with arched windows on the back. It was a nightmare, but I bit the bullet and got to work. I have been doing this for 20 years, so I can get stuff like this done when others would probably walk away.

It took me 4 1/2 hours to get it all done, for $300. Not bad, but really not great, at all.

However, here is the point of this rant:

I was able to up sell gutter cleaning for $600 (so easy), and smoke remediation on a portion of soffits and eaves from a dryer fire for another $150.

So, while I did not do great on the windows, and worked my ass off. I am going back next week to make $750 in a short day.

I am not advocating for bottom rate prices, but having more than one tool in your belt can really help make up the difference.


Amen to that !! Sometimes doing things cheap in good faith, helps out allot down the road. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing this first hand.


This is what I think is the most important part. If you give your word to do a job, and you show up and it turns sideways, just get it done. The customer will be impressed that you stuck to your word, did not try to change the price and worked really hard. That is “in good faith.”


Agreed man.


Amen to that


I wanted to keep it simple and easy to understand. Some regrets, wish I would have asked the designed to do a little more. It’s a full printed wrap. The old true green was going to show through with just doing partial


Looks great man I like it.