$10k a month net ain’t shabby!


Even $10k turns into less when stuff pops up. This is Saturday and Sundays work.

New brakes (the other ones are only a year old and squealing like hell)shocks, air bags. About 20 qts of oil is getting changed. Fuel filters and oil filters for machines. There’s $1000 worth of replacement/maintenance stuff here.

I’ve spent at least $3k in tires with install, alignment, etc for two trucks and the trailer in the last 6 months.

It’s a wonderful business to be in, but something is always breaking. The bright side is you’ll always have the cash to fix it if you don’t mismanage it.


feel ya… last week I had to put $800 in new brakes on my flat bed

$900 for new tires on the Isuzu

and paid a $2,000 deposit on a vinyl wrap.

I’m starting to think that leasing flatbed trucks may be the way to go.


Love to see how that turns out


Something is always breaking anyway that’s how my house works. The universe says, “hey you have some extra cash? I heard you had a big weekend coming up… hold my beer and watch this” lol


Definately need to learn the managing aspect a whole heck of alot better.


Ikii said it best. your own value is determined by what you are able to make yourself. The $99 guy gets knocked a lot on here.
I still do some $99 and some have led to thousands of dollars of work on a customers home. My business name is Hydro Wash but painting, roof coatings, deck sealing make me more $$$
I love being diversified and when I get a customer they call me back for all the other things I offer. I even keep a pole saw in my trailer and make good extra $$$ trimming palm trees.


We are developing our monthly flat rate price right now. My price will include snow removal and salting as well as a house wash each year and gutter cleaning 1-2 times a year.

Somewhere around $69 month

We usually have around 10-12 snow events a year.

But I will likely limit it to 100 customers

82k a year guaranteed income sounds nice!


69 a month? What’s your plow prices down there? Here most are minimum 35-40…cheap guy is 20-25. (His truck doesn’t start all the time though lol).

That may be a little cheap with plowing included…I think anyways. We also get enough snow to plow 10-12 times a month though.

Sounds like a great idea …hmmm


I agree, and we dont get snow here… but i imagine with a plow some storms it needs to be hit multiple times??? Cap it or put a premium on storms that are “X” of snow? I dont know


Maybe covers up to 10 plows…

In MI by lakeshore I know some contracts do up to 30 plows.

Great idea though @SchertzServicesLLC


I have been plowing for 11 years now and I have averaged it out to 9.3 plows per year. But I priced it at 12 leaving me leeway as the years go on.

My commercial customers end up with more services a year since they request plowing even under our 2 inch trigger.

I haven’t rolled it out yet.

I know square just sent me an email that now any customer that ends up with a bill over $250 can pay over time with approved credit. Square pays me in full and I assume no risk if they don’t pay them.

I also have the option to auto bill them monthly. Just would be a warm fuzzy feeling knowing all that money would pop into my account each month!

I’ll let you know what we decide to do!


I charge $35 for average driveway and $15-25 extra for salt when needed.


Where you live I’m moving now!!! :joy::joy:


In 2016 we grossed 217k with plowing, washing, and pilot cars. But I spent 38k in hotels and 33k in fuel lol then you start figuring payroll and miscellaneous and yea…

2017 was much lower since I took the job at wiu and didn’t wash as much. Also got married and took tons of time off for that…


Holy Canoli… u need to start piloting for RVs and Campers.


Hua?lol does not compute


Hotel fees


TVs and campers are hugely expensive and not built for someone that doesn’t really have a sense of ownership for it. They are mostly built out of sticks. Poorly at that deal with em everyday. :roll_eyes::tired_face:


The pilot cars follow oversize loads around the country. Can’t pull a trailer lol and they drive hundreds of miles a day.