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My name is Joe I am from Madison Wisconsin I lost my job this year due to Covid and have been doing a lot of research and decided to start a soft washing business in my area. My question is I have about 7 other softwashing companies in my area now I know competition is good thing but do you guys think that is to many in one area?

Thank you.

It’s a good sign that there’s that many companies in your area, it means there’s a high demand for the service. Don’t look at them as competitors and make sure you’re charging as much as them for the services you provide. As long as you do good work your customer base will grow and you’ll become successful. Best of luck.


Madison is a big city. There are some well known established companies in Madison not counting the dozens of smaller companies who pressure wash. The one thing to consider is if you plan on doing this full time you will have very little income coming in for months due to the weather up here; your prices in the other months should reflect that if you plan to make it. Good luck!

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Thank you guys that’s how I am looking at it is well.

There are other businesses that pay well you can. Do in the winter months. Christmas lights, and others.

How do you clean out frozen gutters?

I believe this would work

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I thought all you northern people did that kind of thing? Here in Columbia, SC, the last time we had 2 inches of snow it shut down the state and the governor declared a state of emergency! :rofl: That was 2014 if I remember right. Before that I grew up in FL, where we use bubble machines to make a snowish effect, so my experience with cold it limited.

Could’ve sworn I read someone mentioning using a hot pw to clean out a gutter in the winter? Shows what I know. :rofl: I’ll edit my previous comment.

Some use a hot pressure washer to remove ice dams but I believe it’s more specialty due to wanting to use less and hotter water like a big steam machine

Ok, that must have been it. Thanks for the info!

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Sprinkle ice melt in the gutter. Used to do that in our mountain house in Colorado.

Having other companies doing the services you want to do is a good thing. It means you already know that there is a market for it. And think about it this way: to do $100,000 in gross revenue you only need 500 people to spend $200 with you. That’s not that many people, and that’s not that much for a service.


Thank you very much makes sense I am starting with a 4GPM machine as well which I think is a good starting point.

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I got into PW work after using a borrowed electric 1500 psi Sunjoe in 2016 to do my house concrete driveway, walks and patio. In 2017 I bought a new Generac 3200psi Speed Wash on an Internet special including extended warranty. I made a straight hose tube for the detergent reservoir because the coiled hose would not pick uptimes he soap correctly. The funds from the first year of jobs bought accessories, wands, spray tips and hose. I’ve bought three makes of round scrubbers and recommend only the $100 DeWalt model.

Three to four times a year I do a fast food restaurant with concrete poured 50 years ago that does not drain downhill. I have to broom the waste water and triple rinse to make sure all the mildew is removed. I have done houses, motel walls, and outbuildings. An old gas station hired me and I estimated $350 to $400. I ran out of labor time on that one because the stains were so deep, so black and didn’t get hired to return. I estimated a bank property for $2,000 before COVID shut banks down and they let it go. I want to do our post office which is a lot of concrete that’s heavily stained. When I do a house I look for things the homeowner does not see and make sure that item becomes my extra edge of service to please them. One good example is a propane tank covered with pollen, mildew and soil.



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