Commercial window pricing?

We were recently asked to bid a plaza wash job that hasnt been done in a few years. This job will entail washing the building faces, surface cleaning all flat work, a few metal awning and commercial windows exterior only. We have done work with this company before and would love to submit a bid, can anybody help me with window pricing? The windows varie from large single pane windows to 3 pane windows with the standard commercial metal dividers. For all you guys doing windows, what do you generally charge per pane? My thought is to order a WFP to speed up the process for the guys and possible start to slowly introduce it into our business for commercial use only! Any help is greatly appreciated!

Fifty cents to five dollars a window
Maybe one dollar per pane

$3/pane. Wfp won’t necessarily be faster but you may get better results. Maybe.

Hmu if you need help getting equipped.

I’d personally have a $25 minimum per store. Then use price points as a gauge for bigger fronts. I find $45, $75, $125 to be useful.

Look for things like how much pole work, degree of filth, obstacles, direct sun, any signage, floor to ceiling panes. These all add difficulty.


A few floor to ceiling panes… none will be direct sunlight as this work will need to be completed at night. Not a huge fan of windows as we haven’t done a ton of them so none of us are that quick!