Commercial Water Supply help

Hey guys,

First post here. I have a large apartment complex that I have delivered a quote on. Water did not seem to be an issue, but now I cannot turn them on. Does anyone know how to get these working? One of the maintenance people said they may have turned them off? I tried to speak with the apartment manager today but she wasnt available . She just said they should work. It looks like my other option is a fire hydrant. Seems like overkill though.

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The one that does have a top on it In the back, I cannot get to turn. I’m going to go pick up a water key at Lowe’s and see if it turns… Thanks for any help

Water is probably turned off inside or disconnected.

Simple water key worked. Sorry for the post! Hopefully it can help someone else!

Four way water key turned this on

So it was just stuck? I guess you know to check it now :joy:.
Sometimes they have a ball valve in the fire room, and they keep them off so the residents can’t use it.

I never got the valve on the back side of the building to open

I went and bought a water key and it opened up this valve

Oh, okay for some reason I didn’t see that picture before. It’s good to know a regular water key will work on that. Thanks.

Looks like the original post had an issue loading pics!