Commercial vs. Residential Powerwashing Poll

Take the poll and see what the consensus is. What do you like better Commercial or residential Powerwashing.

Also put your reason for your answer here if you like.

My answer was I like both Com/Res. Powerwashing. I can never decide which one is better because they both can be great or suck… Money & hours and for some business worth is factored in.

How about you?

Commercial. Resi here has gotten more and more cut throat over the last 2 years. Had around $5-$6k in cancellations last year for numerous reasons. More contractors popping up and cleaning houses for nothing. It gets hard to compete with that. Retention of existing customers has become more challenging also because of that.
I love residential - love the work, the ability to clean several houses a day etc. Just couldn’t make a solid living relying on it and dont want to push for it anymore. Therefore I focus my time and energy in commercial. We land some decent projects and have some good accounts and contacts as well. It just works for us.
We just take what we can get with residential and go with the flow.

I currently do 100% commercial work. The hours suck but its steady work all year, except DECEMBER. I would love to branch out to residential work if time allows. Commercial client tend to pay quickly and are regular clients. If you take are of them they will stay loyal to you for several years.

I do 99% resi right now, but I would be ok filling gaps with commercial work during nights and winter.

I am 99.9% residential and I like it that way. Work and get paid right then. I have 1 commercial that I do for my brother-in-law but that is it. The only downside I have for resi is the winter slowdown, although I was busy through Dec. last year. I think this year I am going to seriously look at Christmas light hanging to fill the gap.

I like com don’t have to deal with dumb people as much…res people try to nickel and dime you wasting your time… I got better things to do… Com you put it on paper and both sign work then get paid. Simple as that…

We’re set up for both, but I do like Residential better I guess. I like our Apartment season too, I believe this year we’re gonna break some records…Can’t wait!!!

I love doing apartments.
I have to go Monday to bid some more work at some we did last year.