Commercial sidewalk bid help

So I have a potential job to bid on. It’s cleaning sidewalks on Main Street the total distance is 5,970 ft x 4ft which is 23,880 sqft. So I’m wondering where I should go with pricing. I was gonna say .75 sqft but not sure what commercial prices are. I know it will be a lot of chem and there’s also a good bit of rust staining on the sidewalk from building runoff when it rains. Thanks for your input

$18,000 sounds like a lot of money for a mile of sidewalk


I don’t know where you’re at but I’ll come do it for $17k

I’m the one bidding to job I’m not hiring someone. I’m asking as my first commercial flat work what would be a decent price to charge them. It’s for the city

We get .25 for residential, not that it’s the same thing though.

If you don’t have to reclaim, they aren’t going to pay more than $1600. I charge a flat $2k for Apartment sidewalks. They range anywhere from .5 to 1.5 miles in length. It all balances out in the end.


Nobody will pay anywhere near $.75 sq/ft for flat work. If you’re getting that for residential in your area I’d market the heck out of flat work and be the concrete cleaning guru in the area. People dont even pay $.75 for roof cleaning. The $.25 mentioned above is higher than most other places. If you live in Florida the going price is like $.05.

We need more info to be able to help. Is there gum? Grease? Water hookup nearby? How’s drainage?. Is there easy access to parikng ?


I’m at $17,999

There’s quite a lot of rust stains throughout most of the job. No grease or oil. it’s receives a alot of foot traffic. Little gum here and there not to much. They do have water connections within distance for my 100’ hose to reach. When I talked to them they said it was 4’ wide but the sidewalk is actually 8ft wide. When I measured it. Which puts it around 43,000 sq ft

They also want the curbs to be done
If needing more information let me know.

I don’t really know what the commercial rate is I’m in North Carolina

I seriously doubt they expect you to remove all the rust. Depending on how much, that needs to be a separate line item. You got any pics? What type of curbs? Are they going to shut down sections for you to wash curbs, impossible to wash with cars against. Going to be a lot more gum than you think once you start cleaning. You’re going to need heat. Also, where does runoff go?

Did you snag insurance yet? Municipalities are sticklers for that… they will want documentation.

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The run off can go into the drain if I don’t use any chem to treat it. It’s just a normal rolled curb with about 6inch drop down to the road. It will probably be a night cleaning projects. They have no houses over there so everyone is gone at night. I figured if I got at good price I’d just go rent a hot water rig.

That’s not how that works

Take a couple of pics of different sections so I can see how dirty it is including curbs. Do the drains go into the sewer system? What kind of lighting is there at night, if any? I’ve never seen any city that had spigots every 100 feet, have you tested them for flow.?

Well can you elaborate on that. Didn’t mean that rude. I wasn’t aware that you couldn’t allow dirty water to go into the drain. Thought it was just chemical treated or oily water

I will have to take pictures in the morning. They have streetlights its pretty lite up. There individual businesses right next to each other and they each have there own water source.
Can I write it into the bid that the city has to get permission from each of the business to allow water access or is that something I should do myself. I’ve tested ones around city hall and they work just have to use the square construction keys to turn them on. Yes the drains go into the sewer and to a treatment plant. TheY DO NOT. lead to an open water way.

If going into sewer may be able to use some bleach as well as soap, especially if you sell them on using something like EBC. Would make your life much easier.

If the city doesn’t pay those businesses water bill they’re not going to just agree to let you use them. You’ll likely have to pay each and every business you use water from. The city won’t want to mess with asking them for permission. That falls on you. If it was just one business you could probably throw them $20 or $30 and they’d let you but doing the same every 200 feet would get old. I would either get more hose if you’re not too far from city hall or hookup to a hydrant. 100’ foot of hose isn’t very much so probably a good idea to have more anyways. I carry 200’ on my reel but have about 300’-400’ more at home ready to go in case I need it.

Where can I get the fittings to hook up to a fire hydrant. Cause it would be good to have on hand even if I don’t get this job. I have 300’ more hose I can get that I store at my other job. But I only carry 100’ on my truck and I have 200’ of pressure house.