Commercial quote


Curious on what different quotes y’all have for this buildings exterior soft wash? no roof, no concrete just soft wash exterior walls of building.


I’d be between a little and a lot, with enough wiggle room for profit


I’d come in around $99


I’ll give you an honest answer…$1900




Perhaps a better question. How much time to do it? I have zero experience with this. My pull it out of my ear guess is a full day.


With a metal building it all depends on the weather. 90 degrees and sun baking looking at 6-10 hours.

65 cloudy 4 hours max.

Depending on where you live I would schedule this job at the end of the season.


Anything weird about it or is it just dirty?


Honestly there’s no way to answer that without seeing the building in person. What are you cleaning off? What kind of shape is the metal in? Is it oxidized? What kimd of equipment do you have? If you’re solo running a 4 gpm unit then its going to take you alot longer than if you’re running 8gpms + or two machines, etc…

I don’t actually want answers to any of those questions just trying to show you why it’s not a simple " I’d charge this much."


Right on the money!


Just some mold/mildew. Nothing out of ordinary or I would have said so. Using 7gpm 12v soft wash system