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Looking for some advice on a bid for a fast-casual restaurant. The cleaning includes a dumpster pad, walkways, patio, parking lot, and drive-thru. The total area is roughly 4,500 sq.ft. This would a recurring job once a month. I’m thinking around $1,200 but don’t want to quote it too high/low. Any advice would be helpful, thanks!

At least near me, monthly fast food cleanings are done for DIRT cheap

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That’s $.27/sq ft

Most don’t even get that cleaning residential.

And monthly contracts are always cheaper.

Think about it. You want to add $14k to their bottom yearly line. That’s a good chunk of money.


Got an overhead or some pics? - how big is the dumpster pad and how nasty? How much curbbing in the drive-thru and along sidewalks? How much traffic do they get? A place that serves fried chicken like a Popeyes will get much dirtier than an ice cream shop. Do they have fixed tables, etc on dining area you can or can not move? All stuff you have to look at.

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Tables can be removed, high traffic and a good amount of curbing. After recalculating, it is more around 5,000 sq ft. I attached a couple of images, again they need just about everything cleaned besides the building exterior.

What kind of equipment you have, hopefully hot water?

I’d be at .12-.13 per ft on concrete - .25 per lf on curbs - $125-$150 on dumpster pad. All those support poles and handrail posts you have to cut in by hand, so that slows you down.

I’d break it down into various areas. They all say they want to get it all cleaned, but realistically some areas may not need nearly as often and they may just want part of the drive thru where people are waiting the most, maybe sidewalks and maybe front area depending on foot traffic.

Here’s a sample of one similar and how I broke it down - I’m in SC.

Hope this helps


First off, I would charge separately for the graffiti. As for the commercial concrete, markets vary. I bid those jobs at .07 cents per square foot in Dallas and I get under bid on a regular basis.

You should consider that even though it is bad now, it will be fairly easy in the future. With a monthly contract it will essentially be clean all the time. In my area I would probably bid that around $350 - $450. It’s up to you to decide what you’re time is worth tho. If I have a reoccurring contact, to me that’s worth taking 10% off the labor.
You should definitely, and always, itemize the quote. Managers want to see what they are paying for, materials, labor extra equipment, everything. It helps you justify your price. If someone throws a quote that just says, “power washing $1000” , that’s not going to fly. That makes it seem like they can do it themselves. If I had a restaurant with an $8.00 hr employee I could do a lot of washing for 1k.

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As a new member of the Pressure Washing Resource page, I am so thankful for thorough and kind answers to many of the questions posted.

Thank you, Racer for taking the time to help people out. I am looking forward to growing our small family business and learning as much as I can on here.