Commercial Pressure Washing Trailer setup FOR SALE

The only thing that I would sell by itself is an ALkota 8gpm skid that was bought in May this year. Alone i would need $8500.

Or you can buy the whole trailer setup (trailer included) for $27,500.
18’ Gooseneck 12,000 capacity - Bought this spring (a little over $5000)
8.7 gpm hydrotek - 2.5 yrs old
8 gpm Alkots - 4 months old
8 gpm cold water - 1 year old
525 tank
(2) 75 gallon tanks
(1) 50 gallon tank
(7) Titan stainless steel reels -should last damn near forever forever!
800 ft of hose
Fat Boy + Deep Cycle Marine Battert - Battery only 1 month old
200’ Keri tek hose
ladder rack - ladders not included (unless you want a 40’ fiber glass for $300)
Tool box

All 3 machines are plumbed and hooked up to a reel. Everything works great! I’m just ready to change gears and build another rig

This is an amazing setup. I saw it at the 2013 Pressure Washing Convention.
It’s ridiculously well laid out.

It’s insane! Crazy cool.

I don’t think my truck will pull that trailer. I think that trailer would pull my truck.

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Shaun that is very very nice! I’m the crazy guy that texted you about your ad on ebay this morning. I hope it works out for you. I wish I could afford your unit but it’s just a little out of my range for now. Thad was telling me how nice it is and he is so right! I have a truck to pull it with but my hip doesn’t ride high enough! LOL

What’s up, Arritt.
Are you in town this weekend?

Yes sir! Ill be around until Tuesday morning! I’m sipping on a glass of wine and relaxing with my feet propped up! Lol Holler at me if you want to get together!