Commercial jobs bidding

How do people go about bidding for commercial buildings. At the moment I work for a big business In a warehouse, 5000 people+ how do people go about talking to the right people etc?

I started off with LinkedIn. I looked up businesses and found the building managing company, looked them up on LinkedIn, then found the person in-charge of property maintenance and messaged them telling them about my services, and offering to give an estimate. If that doesn’t work I’ll go into a building and ask who the property managers are and a contact number or email. Then you put your sales pants on. My first apartment complex I even offered to clean one of their buildings for free to demonstrate my work, and it worked.


LinkedIn is good, but I think they’re charging for it now? Local libraries often have a database you can pull up and you can narrow it down to the nth degree and print or save it for free.

I used it when I was in finance and again when I was marketing to Toyota dealerships to do ALUCOBOND cleaning and now I can’t remember what the heck it’s called and it’s making me crazy!!! Lol

Depends on the type of property, colleges usually have a facilities office that handles bids, work orders etc. I have found that hospitals typically handle bids through their engineering department and commercial office space is usually handled through a property management company. Either way I try to make contact with person in charge of taking bids and asked to be put on the bid list for window cleaning and pressure washing. I leave behind a letter, brochure and business card about our company.

I also find out who is currently under contract and when it is expected to go out to bid again. Make note of it set a reminder in your phone and call a few weeks before it is due to go out to bid again.

Be persistent. I just got another college this year that we have been trying to get into for the last 10 years.

Oh yeah sometimes the elevator certificates will list who manages a building which will allow you to call them and help them identify areas that you feel need cleaned or be added to their bid list.



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Lol Have to admit I remembered you mentioned it in a post from earlier this summer. I’ve never used it but will be checking it out over the winter.

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@Jamiet999 The point is we have a huge database here that’s free and I’d be very surprised if you didn’t have one similar in the UK. Go to and you can see what we’re talking about.

Like @Burj74 said LinkedIn is a great resource too, but I wanna say they charge a hefty monthly price as of very recently. I’ll have to double check that so I’m not giving you bad info.

The other thing here in the states is that most things are public record. I can walk into city hall and request a record of any addresses I want and part of that info is Owner of Record.

The other option is calling the business and just asking who the development or management company is for the building. If it’s a business with multiple spaces and one is up for lease they usually have a big sign that says it’s for lease and a phone number. Call the number and they’ll tell you who you’re calling before you even say hello.

In your case, go to the smallest department in the entire office and ask them who is in charge. Information tends to be easier to get in smaller circles. Also, you could try the maintenance or repairs department. Some times they have to subcontract stuff out and somebody has to sign off on it.

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LinkedIn is free to join, but it looks like you’ve gotta pay to upgrade to get much out of it.

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Have any luck using referenceUSA? I cant seem to figure out how to use it lol